Team RAR is a collective of friends that create epic content of their adventures, challenges, experiments, and daily life. We believe nobody should ever really grow up and through our content, we strive to challenge the impossible and inspire our audiences to go against the grain.

The word “RAR” was inspired by the latin term “rara avis”, a rare bird, a one of a kind person that stands against the grain. This encapsulates the genesis of each member of Team RAR as we have each abandoned conventional career trajectory to create something on our own. “RAR” also doubles as an acronym for “Rare And Ridiculous”.

We value collaboration and teamwork. This is apparent in all of our content, both from the production and frequent appearances in each others videos. However, we also spend our time hanging out beyond the set. We’re friends, we’re business partners — we’re a team.



Carter started making videos on Youtube as an outlet for his creativity after graduating from Carnegie Mellon with a BS in Computer Engineering and Robotics. Driven by his need for pushing the boundaries and love for thinking outside the box, Carter started Dream Team Studios to document the exciting challenges, experiments, and builds with friends, setting the foundations for what is now Team RAR. As founder of the organization, Carter bounces back and forth between content creation and business management, setting the strategic vision for the group. In his free time you can find him scoping out real estate deals, working out, and relaxing on scenic drives along the Malibu coast.


Lizzy Capri is the first female creator on Team RAR. As a former collegiate swimmer, Lizzy leverages her work ethic and team oriented approach to coordinate organization-wide video ideation and production. She holds both a BS in Statistics and BS in Technical Writing from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to her Youtube career, she helped document and facilitate software development at LinkedIn as a technical writer. Her goal as a creator is to inspire others to follow their dreams and have fun while doing it. In addition to mothering fellow pup creator Milli, Lizzy enjoys working out, playing Fortnite, and keeping a lookout for new designer outfits.


Stove lives life optimistically and always approaches new challenges with a smile and an open mind. As a former statistical analyst, he combines his quantitative background and creative streak to develop positive, exciting, entertaining content. He received his BA in Mathematics from Indiana University and MS in Actuarial Science from Ball State University. In addition to creating videos and gaming into the night, Stove is deeply plugged into fashion and sneaker culture, always on the lookout for the next trend.


As the youngest creator of the team, Ryan combines his creative ambition with his prior production experience to create unique polished videos. He received his BS in Communications and Marketing from Ithaca College and began his career working at various commercial production companies and film studios including Lionsgate, HBO, and RocNation before transitioning to a career in social media. Outside of work, Ryan likes playing guitar, rock climbing, and hanging out with friends.


Bark bark bark!




Growing up in a family surrounded by the arts, Matt knew from a young age that he wanted to be involved in media and film. After studying film at Southeastern University and the Los Angeles Film Studies Center, Matt began to work with the Team RAR as an editor for Carter’s channel. When Matt isn’t editing he can be found acting, directing shorts, eating Korean BBQ, and going to new places with friends.



OnJonet, picked up a camera at the age of 6 and hasn’t put it down since. She’s an award winning Documentary filmmaker who graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s University with a B.S in Film, Media, and Social Justice. Her passion for travel and documenting has taken her all around the world from exploring Asia to touring the US for months after college. OnJonet Joined TEAM RAR as an editor for Lizzy’s channel. On her spare time you can find OnJonet giving TED Talks, creating documentaries, and writing music.



Sydney is a proud Arizona State University Sun Devil who received her degree in Filmmaking Practices before moving out to Los Angeles. After working for companies such as MTV/VH1, The Jim Henson Creature Shop, and The Walt Disney Company, Sydney moved into digital media to work with Team RAR to help with all things production. Outside of work, Sydney loves watching reality TV, working on her screenplay, and going to karaoke on the weekends.



Tinkerer, builder, and efficiency geek, Phil loves charting the unknown and making sense of the world around him, helping Team RAR research and analyze new territory. With his engineering and business background, Phil leverages his experience as a product designer and operations consultant to operate the team's merchandising and spearheads Team RAR special projects. He received his BS in Marketing and Operations from The Wharton School and a MSE in Robotics from the UPenn School of Engineering. He enjoys rock climbing, thrill-seeking adventures, and making the occasional cameo in Team RAR videos.



As an executive assistant at Team RAR, Linda helps Team RAR scout and hire new production talent and also helps manage Liz’s production, business, and PR. Fun fact, she is Lizzy and OJ’s sister! Originally from New York, she graduated from Geneseo with a degree in Media and Journalism. In her spare time she likes trying out a variety of workout classes (currently into boxing) and taking Milli to the dog beach.



OJ is a former business intelligence engineer who has joined Team RAR on anything and everything business related. Whether it’s paying off bills, working with legal, or monitoring channel analytics, OJ helps guide the team with whatever they need. After years of persuasion by his sister Lizzy and several small cameos in her videos, he decided to join the team and hasn’t looked back since. OJ is a proud Dartmouth College graduate who in his spare time likes to play basketball and guitar. His idea of the perfect day is shredding down a mountain on skis/snowboard (yes he does both!) and finding the perfect craft brewery.